The heart of my research program asks the following question: how can we cultivate organizational environments that encourage leaders and employees to behave more virtuously, thereby creating more ethical, and more effective, organizations? To answer this question, I conduct qualitative and quantitative research in leadership, ethics, organizational culture, and interpersonal communication.

Journal Articles

Luckman, E. A. (2017). Weaving action learning into the fabric of manufacturing: The impact of humble inquiry and structured reflection in a cross-cultural context. Action Learning: Research and Practice 14(2), 174-184.

Book Chapters

Elfenbein, H. A. and Luckman, E. A. (2015). Accuracy in judging affective cues across cultures. In Hall, J.A., Mast, M.S. and West, T. (Eds). The Social Psychology of Perceiving Others Accurately. (pp 328-349). Cambridge University Press.

Online publications and commentaries

Luckman, E. A., Easter, B. A., Gunsalus, C. K., Burbules, N. C., (2019) “How to Change an Unhealthy Department CultureInside Higher Education Online (Opinion).

Luckman, E. A., Gunsalus, C. K., Burbules, N. C., Easter, B. A., (2019) “Fostering Trust in Academic DepartmentsInside Higher Education Online (Opinion).

Luckman E. A., (2018). “Savvy Leadership Promotes Ethical Science”, Nature 563 (35) (Correspondence).

Work in preparation

Luckman E. A., “Work orientations and unethical behavior: Does a calling orientation reduce unethical behavior?” Data collected and analyzed. Manuscript in preparation, targeting Journal of Business Ethics.

Luckman E. A. and Gunsalus C. K., “Values-based pedagogy in leadership development.” Chapter in preparation for Ethics Education Across America.

Boumgarden, P., Bottom, W. P., Luckman, E. A., “Technology transfer in the social sciences: Business schools as facilitators in the translation of knowledge to practice.” Data collected and in process of analysis. Manuscript in preparation, targeting Administrative Science Quarterly.

Lee J., Luckman E. A., Jang, D., Bottom, W. P., “Individual differences in a multiparty negotiation context.” Collecting more data and in process of analysis. Manuscript in preparation, targeting Journal of Applied Psychology.